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Hear Us Out!: Lesbian and Gay Stories of Struggle, Progress, and Hope, 1950 to the Present pdf books
Title:Hear Us Out!: Lesbian and Gay Stories of Struggle, Progress, and Hope, 1950 to the Present
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Number of Pages:240

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Harriet and the Garden, 2nd Edition

Harriet and the Garden nd Edition

Harriet and her pals are playing baseball in the park near Mrs Hoozit s house When George hits a fly ball Harriet s determined to catch it She s concentrating so hard she runs right into Mrs Hoozit s garden of prize flowers Harriet panics and runs away That night Harriet feels terrible she can t even eat the special treat her mom makes for her What can she do

Nancy Bubel's Handbook of Garden Projects for All Seasons

Nancy Bubel s Handbook of Garden Projects for All Seasons

In this charming book brimming with garden projects for every season of the year Nancy Bubel provides a bountiful selection of activities including how to grow herbs indoors make apple dolls plant a garden for ethnic cuisine grow heirloom vegetables color eggs with natural dyes grow gourmet potatoes plant fragrant night blooming flowers and more illustrations

The Door Between (Fours Crossing, #3)

The Door Between Fours Crossing

When her father announces plans for a housing development in the woods considered sacred by the mysterious hermit the village is attacked by seemingly supernatural wild dogs and Melissa realizes that she must find and pacify the hermit even if it means traveling to the Otherworld Sequel to Watersmeet

  • The Arizona Kid
  • Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology
  • Talk
  • Transparent: Love, Family, and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers
  • Kicked Out
  • Breathing Underwater
  • Swimming in the Monsoon Sea
  • Wild Dogs
  • GLBTQ*: The Survival Guide for Queer Questioning Teens
  • Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories
  • Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens
  • Be Who You Are
  • Sanctuary: A Tale of Life in the Woods
  • Name Me Nobody
  • I Kiss Girls
  • It's Our Prom (So Deal with It)

Annie on My Mind

Annie on My Mind

This groundbreaking book is the story of two teenage girls whose friendship blossoms into love and who despite pressures from family and school that threaten their relationship promise to be true to each other and their feelings The book has been banned from many school libraries and publicly burned in Kansas City br br Of the author and the book the Margaret A Edwards Award committee said Using a fluid readable style Garden opens a window through which readers can find courage to be true to themselves

Good Moon Rising

Good Moon Rising

Lambda Literary Award winner Good Moon Rising is about two young women who fall in love while rehearsing a school play realize they re gay and resist a homophobic campaign against them Good Moon Rising both a New York Public Library Book for the Teenage and a Notable Children s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies takes us into the dynamics of homophobia Horn Book Garden who gave us one of the first honest sensitive portrayals of two young women in love in the brilliant Anne On My Mind Farrar offers us author thought provoking story of homosexual love Voya



A new town a new school a new start That s what fourteen year old Gray Wilton believes as he chants i i It s gonna be better gonna be better here But it doesn t take long for Gray to realize that nothing s going to change there are bullies in every school and he s always their punching bag Their brutal words physical abuse and emotional torture escalate until Gray feels trapped in a world where he has no control no support systems and no way out until the day he enters the halls of Greenford High School with his father s semiautomatic in hand br br Award winning novelist Nancy Garden author of the groundbreaking novel i Annie on My Mind i once again goes out on a limb this time to show readers the cruelty of bullying and the devastating effects it can have br

The Year They Burned the Books

The Year They Burned the Books

br div b By the author of i Annie on My Mind i b br br When Wilson High i Telegraph i editor Jamie Crawford writes an opinion piece in support of the new sex ed curriculum which includes making condoms available to high school students she has no idea that a huge controversy is brewing Lisa Buel a school board member is trying to get rid of the health program which she considers morally flawed from its textbooks to its recommendations for outside reading The newspaper staff find themselves in the center of the storm and things are complicated by the fact that Jamie is in the process of coming to terms with being gay and her best friend Terry also gay has fallen in love with a boy whose parents are anti homosexual As Jamie s and Terry s sexual orientation becomes more obvious to other studetns it looks as if the paper they re fighting to keep alive and honest is going to be taken away from them Nancy Garden has depicted a contemporary battleground in a novel that probes deep into issues of censorship prejudice and ethics br div br

Dove and Sword: A Novel of Joan of Arc

Dove and Sword A Novel of Joan of Arc

This is a story of the Hundred Years War and its great heroine Joan of Arc When Joan sets out to lead an army against the British her friend Gabrielle stays loyally by her side until the wrenching finish

Molly's Family

Molly s Family

b What makes a family b br br The members of Ms Marston s kindergarten class are cleaning and decorating their room for the upcoming Open School Night Molly and Tommy work on drawing pictures to put on the walls Molly draws her family Mommy Mama Lu and her puppy Sam But when Tommy looks at her picture he tells her it s not of a family You can t have a mommy and a mama he says Molly doesn t know what to think no one else in her class has two mothers She isn t sure she wants her picture to be on the wall for Open School Night br br Molly s dilemma sensitively explored in words and art shows readers that even if a family is different from others it can still be happy loving and i real i br

My Sister, the Vampire

My Sister the Vampire

Thanks to unexpected events year old Tim and his sisters Sarah and Jenny are left on their own at the family s summer cabin It seems like a dream come true Tim can spend all his time training for the upcoming big race And year old Sarah can read about vampires and collect butterflies to her heart s content br br But the dream soon turns into a nightmare Bats hundreds of them have invaded the house Meanwhile the kid in the house next door is wasting away haunted by bloodcurdling dreams When Sarah develops the same symptoms Tim realizes the bites on their necks are not from mosquitoes Vampires are loose in Starfish Harbor And Sarah s about to become one of them unless the kids can find and destroy them fast

Nora and Liz

Nora and Liz

When her rental car has a flat tyre Liz Hardy stops at the Tillot farm for a car jack Nora Tillot walks Liz out to the barn and as they search for the jack the two women begin a journey neither anticipated As their friendship turns passionate will their happiness be shattered by rumours

Prisoner of Vampires

Prisoner of Vampires

While writing a term paper on vampires twelve year old Alexander finds himself falling under the spell of Dracula and his family of vampires who are operating a funeral parlor in Massachusetts

Holly's Secret

Holly s Secret

A new town and new classmates but the same family with two moms br Dear Diary br Until today I was Holly Lawrence Jones But starting tomorrow I m going to be Yvette Lawrence Jones My family doesn t know that yet but I ll tell them tomorrow and that s the name I ll tell the people at school too Yvette s going to be sophisticated and grownup feminine enough to have white ruffled curtains and maybe even a boyfriend She s also going to have a NORMAL family Kids are not going to make jokes about her and say mean things because there won t be any reason for them to do that br The reason for The Plan as Holly refers to the creation of her new self is primarily to hide from the schoolmates in her new hometown the fact that she has two mothers who are gay But trying to hide something so big proves to be a daunting task Nancy Garden has written a novel infused with humor but one that also tackles prejudice and reinforces an old saw Honesty is the best policy br

Hear Us Out!: Lesbian and Gay Stories of Struggle, Progress, and Hope, 1950 to the Present - PDF | ePUB | PDB | Audio books | Kindle
What was it like being young and gay during the closeted s the exuberant beginnings of the modern gay rights movement in the s or the frightening outbreak of HIV and AIDS in the s In this unique history Nancy Garden uses both fact and fiction to explore just what it has meant to be young and gay in America during the last fifty years For each decade from the s on she discusses in an essay the social and political events that shaped the lives of LGBT lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people during that era Then in two short stories she explores the emotional experiences of young gay people coming of age during those times giving vivid insight into what it really felt like br i i br i Hear Us Out i is a comprehensive and rich account of gay life both public and private from one of the pioneers of young adult lesbian and gay literature Hear Us Out!: Lesbian and Gay Stories of Struggle, Progress, and Hope, 1950 to the Present books by Nancy Garden

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